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We also expertise in constructing safe & Reliable Bulk Hydrogen mobile vehicles with cascade manifold systems, with capacities up to 1260 Cu.mts (180 cylinders) and still increasing the capacity. Our vehicles are currently running successfully with hydrogen manufacturers to mobilize thousands of cubic meters every day.

Hydrogen Storage & Distribution Facility

Carbon-di-Oxide(Co2) Storage & Distribution Facility

15KL Co2 Veritcal Tank

10KL Co2 Horizontal Tank

Available at wide range of capacities as per the Client's Requirements.

CNG Storage & Distribution Facility

CNG Cascades, Available in various Capacities.

LPG / Propane Bulk Storage & Distribution Facility

For Low and Medium Consumers LPG Cylinder Manifolds System.

A central gas supply with manifolds outside workspaces save time and money and simultaneously improves product safety and quality. Design is single- or twin-stage for constant outlet pressure despite of falling cylinder pressure.

Laboratory Gas Utility points - Laboratory applications for e.g. GC, HPLC, GCMS, AAS, ICP

Fire Extinguishers

Sales & Service available

Carbon and Stainless Steel Pipes

Piping and Tubing available in all sizes

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